take another look at this dully illuminated present!


heyo! i go by a lot of names, but juni usually works

✨ they/them
✨ 21, aries
✨ gay ace
✨ very likely autistic/adhd
✨ split white/native (dakota)

anxiety and such has me in an eternal headlock, so i might be slow to respond at times!!


❌ standard criteria
❌ mcyt fan
❌ you believe naoto shirogane is a girl
❌ you ship shutaba/yutaba
❌ terf/map/whatever the hell
❌ you're a proshipper or anything similar

other stuff

interests: haikyuu, fma, persona, pkmn, tourabu, vocaloid/utaite, birds, rhythm games, tamagotchi

special ints: radiological, chemical, and biological hazards/accidents;
body horror, body modification

wretched kinnie